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“BEND IT LIKE BUBBA” and Cure Your Slice 
By Steve Newman 
Dallas, TX
PGA Instructor

We all saw Bubba Watson “bend” his shot around the trees onto the green with a massive amount of hook spin to win The Masters.  Bubba has a great amount of imagination and a lot can be learned from him on how to curve the golf ball.

In order to produce hook spin, the clubface must be closed to the club path (SEE IMAGE ABOVE).  This will impart hook spin and make the shot hook rather than slice.

This is a great lesson for all of you who can’t seem to get rid of your slice.  If you watch Bubba, then watch how he rotates his Left Forearm over his Right Forearm so that the toe rotates over the heel of the club.  This also makes the club head travel faster for more distance.

This is similar to a baseball hitter rotating their top hand over the bottom hand.  If you played baseball or softball growing up, then think about how you would hit the ball down the 3rd base line (for a right handed batter) and make the ball curve with “hook spin”.  This is far different than hitting it with “slice spin” down the 1st base line.  Baseball swings are a great way for you to practice your forearm rotation to train your hands and forearms.

To cure your Slice, do the following:

1. Grip - make sure you can see at least 2-3 knuckles on your top hand of your Grip at Address

2. Tee up a 7-iron and rotate your Right Forearm over the Left Forearm (right-handed golfer) through Impact and try to make them touch.  This will impart hook spin.

3. Visualize and feel the Toe of the Club rotating over the Heel

4. Hit big Hooks until your hands and forearms can feel what makes the ball curve with hook spin.

5. Once you get a feel of this, you won’t need to rotate as hard.  Dial it back some and develop your shot pattern into a “Draw”

If you want to cure your Slice forever, then you must learn how to “Bend It Like Bubba”!
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