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The USGA made a decision to make square grooves illegal.  This decision was made in response to the golf ball going too far.  This will take effect in 2011 for all players and equipment companies.  According to their tests, this will effect shots from the light rough and shots made at less than full speed (shots around the green).

They will say this is about the spin on shots and controlling the golf ball.  This is true to some degree, but this decision was also made to combat the distance problems.  The grooves will also effect the distance on full shots.  There are reports that some LPGA tour players have lost as much as two clubs in their distance.

The other problem is there will no standard testing procedures.  There will be no way to enforce this.  Some will play with conforming grooves and others will not.  It will create an unfair advantage even for average golfers.

We want to grow the game of golf and get more people playing a very difficult game.  Do we really want to make the game harder for your average player by taking away spin and distance?

The USGA adopted this rule without really thinking about the consequences and testing procedures down the road.  This will hurt many average golfers and the growth of this great game!

What do you think?
4/23/2012 05:12:02 pm

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